Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are caused by a variety of different contributing factors. Some of these may include diabetes, steroids, and even antibiotics. While statistics show that three out of four women will be inflicted with a yeast infection in their lifetime. There are some natural remedies to cure yeast infection.

While a majority of women, once diagnosed, will head to the local pharmacy to purchase medication there are however, some alternatives that you should consider. The advantage to using natural alternatives is you avoided the heavy and harsh chemicals that are often used in modern medicine to treat yeast infections.

Today, Probiotics are being used to treat yeast infections. These living microbial organisms occur naturally in the digestive tract and the vagina. These microbes fall under the friendly bacteria category and work by suppressing growth of harmful organisms such as Candida. Probiotics can be purchased in two different forms. The most common form is a supplement or pill form, which today is fairly widely used as a natural remedy. The other form is a vaginal suppository; although this is available many individuals have reported difficulty in finding it.

Today, boric acid suppositories are also being used in the treatment against yeast infections. Today there are supplement companies who are producing the acid suppository. While there are safety concerns with erratic acid due to its toxicity, individuals need to make sure that they avoid open wounds, and never take eternally. Take the time to fully read and understand the directions before using boric acid suppositories

One of the better-known natural home remedies is tea tree oil. This essential oil is used widely in Europe and other parts of the world as a treatment or cheer for many various ailments. The teacher oil is usually applied in a topical manner around the vaginal area.
While those are some of the primary treatment there is continued evidence that other home remedies will help in eliminating yeast infections. Some of these include products like:

Yogurt-most of us know that yogurt contains friendly bacteria as a result, the consumption of yogurt will help normalize your body’s microbe flora in not only the vaginal area, but your digestive tract is well. You may also consider using yogurt in the vaginal area to help fight against yeast infections.
Cranberry Juice-most of us realize the benefits of using cranberry juice to normalize or clean our urinary track. However cranberry juice may be beneficial by increasing the acidity of our urine, and thus killing off the bacteria that can cause yeast infection.

Garlic- although most of us associate garlic with the fight against vampires. Garlic’s potential to kill yeast infection, causing bacteria is fantastic. Use garlic, by taking it orally.

While individuals with a yeast infection can use any of these home remedies to help cure and prevent further yeast infections. It is important to seek proper diagnosis from your doctor before attempting to cure your yeast infection. This is extremely important as often individuals have been known to trying to cure a different ailment. This resulted in prolonging the yeast infection and creating additional unwanted problems.