Oral Yeast Infection Symptoms

There are many different types of yeast infection that you can get although one of the most common among both males and females is an oral yeast infection. An oral yeast infection can affect people of all ages and it can be extremely painful and irritating.

The common name for an oral yeast infection is thrush and many people get this infection during their lifetimes for a number of different reasons. As with all other types of yeast infection, it is caused by yeast mutating , usually due to a lack of healthy bacteria in the body and it can be quite a nasty infection.

As with any other type of infection, the first thing that you will need to do in order to actually be able to start curing the infection is to actually discover that you have it. Like many other types of illness and other types of infection, there are some pretty obvious symptoms of an oral yeast infectionand it is pretty easy to spot that you have one. Of course, the earlier that you realise you have an oral yeast infection, the easier it will be to treat as the infection won’t have had as much of a chance to spread and cause more damage, although at the early stages of the infection, the symptoms might not be quite as obvious.

One of the main symptoms of an oral yeast infection is that you will notice a number of white spots forming in the area of the infection. The most common place for an oral yeast infection to hit is in a number of different places in the mouth and some of the most common areas for the spots to form are actually on the tongue or on the inside of the cheeks.

The white spots can also sometimes appear in the throat of even on the gums and other areas inside the mouth. One thing that you will notice about the spots is that they will be white in colour and they will be quite painful at certain times. The white spots will appear as bumps in the mouth and if they are scratch, they will often bleed. They can also be quite painful and can bleed if you are brushing your teeth as you will be disturbing the area where they are. If the yeast infection and the white spots occur in the throat, then you will notice that you might experience pain when swallowing and in severe cases, you might even struggle to swallow.

Of course, the thing that you need to make sure of when you discover these symptoms is that you begin a course of treatment. The easiest way to do this is to contact your doctor as soon as you discover any symptoms of an oral yeast infection and he/she will usually prescribe an oral medicine that should taker carte of it. Oral yeast infections are quite common in babies and you should be aware to check for symptoms of an oral yeast infection if you have a baby and know the signs that your baby might have the infection.

Elderly people are also prone to getting an oral yeast infection and if it isn’t treated as soon as the symptoms are found, it can usually spread to the throat and even the stomach.

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