Over the Counter Meds for Vaginal Yeast Infections

Most yeast infections can be successfully treated using over the counter medications. These medications, consisting of suppositories (pessaries for those in the UK) and creams can be purchased at most pharmacies and departmental stores.

Drugs recommended by the doctor typically work in one, three or seven days respectively. It all depends on the severity of the infection and if you have allergies to any of the meds. Even though most over the counter medications have the same ingredients, their dosages are less concentrated.

Most OTC medications are vaginal or antifungal creams that you can apply topically. So, they tend to come with applicators that measure your dosages. That way, you won’t take more than the necessary dosages. Some good examples of the medications include Mycelex, Femstat and Monistat. Before using any antifungal creams, make sure you read all the instructions carefully. This will help you identify potential allergies and side effects.

Here are some important things you need to know about over the counter vaginal medications:

  • Some of them can only be applied at night. This is necessary because of the discharges that follow its application. Using vaginal creams like this during the day can result in discomfort and very heavy and embarrassing discharges.
  • Vaginal creams can be applied both internally and externally. However, it all depends on the type. Be sure to study the leaflets to see whether they’re meant to be inserted or just applied externally.
  • Most vaginal medications are both topical and antifungal in nature. This means that they are capable of both soothing your crotch and getting rid of the fungus.
  • Sex is not an option whilst undergoing treatment. Not even with condoms as the latex can further worsen the infection. Also, some of the medications can easily destroy latex condoms.
  • The pills are usually stronger than the cream. So, you can get a quicker remedy using the pills alone. However, if you combine both the pills and the cream, you have a powerful combinationthat will heal you faster. This is the reason doctors often prescribe a combination of the pills and creams together.

Things to Take Note of:

  • Always make sure you truly have the infection before commencing or using over the counter treatments. Vaginal yeast infections share similar symptoms with some other vaginal infections. So, they can be confused for one another. And treating yourself for an infection you don’t have is probably harmful to your body and can cause the other infection to actually thrive well.
  • Strictly follow the dosages and frequency of use. The medications work by interrupting the growth cycle of the fungus and eliminating it when it is at its weakest. Not following the specific dosages can cause the fungus to adapt to the drug, rendering it ineffective in the process.
  • If you’re taking some other drugs or medications for an unrelated medical condition, you may want to check with your doctor to see if there’s any likelihood of a drug interaction.

Over the counter medications are effective and useful for those who don’t want to see the doctor. Just follow all the safety measures outlines above and you’ll be free of all vaginal yeast infections in no time.