Recurrent Yeast Infections

The problem with yeast infections is that they are the type of infection that will often keep coming back. When this happens, it is referred to as a recurrent yeast infection and this can often be quite an annoying and painful thing to have. Yeast infections are now said to affect nearly 5% of women across the world which is a huge number of people to have this nagging issue.

The problem with yeast infections is that a lot of the time they are cured but the actual cause of the infection is not discovered. The answer to solving recurrent yeast infections is to find the root of the infection and then target that.

Although recurrent yeast infections are extremely common with women, they can also be a problem for men as well. The most common type of recurrent yeast infection is the vaginal yeast infection but there are many other yeast infections that can be recurring as well. For example, in men, one of the yeast infections that can often become recurring yeast infection is thrush (oral yeast infection). Although this is quite a simple thing to cure in both males and females, if the actual root of the problem isn’t found, it will mean that the yeast infection has a great chance of recurring.

If you find that your yeast infection keeps recurring, whether it be a vaginal yeast infection, oral yeast infection or any other type of yeast infection, you should make sure to let your doctor know. Of course, you can have a guess yourself at what might be the cause of the yeast infection to keep recurring but a doctor will have a lot more of an idea and he/she will be able to advice you on what might be the actual root of the problem. There are however some common things that cause yeast infections to keep recurring and these include things such as chemicals and antibiotics.

One of the things that is also a common cause of recurring yeast infections is Diabetes. If you find that you suffer from diabetes, you will have much more chance of getting a recurring yeast infection. Diabetes is an illness that actually causes the immune system to be compromise and it is weakened. Diabetes is also an illness that raises the blood sugar levels in your body and this is one of the things that the yeast infection will feed on. Yeast infections are caused by Candida. this type of yeast is present in all our bodies and it thrives on sugar and sugary foods. If you suffer from diabetes and find that yeast infections are a problem, your doctor will usually put you on a diet in order to minimise the risk.

Curing a recurring yeast infection is an ongoing task and it isn’t as simple as simply taking some medicine. If you are susceptible to yeast infections, then you will need to make sure to starve the Candida and kill it and then put more healthy bacteria in your body. After this, you will need to work on strengthening your immune system and preventing them from recurring. Your doctor should be able to help you with doing all of this and a simple trip to see your GP should help when it comes to recurrent yeast infections.