Skin Yeast Infection

Skin yeast infections can affect people of all ages, male and female alike. It can cause you to become extremely self-conscious if it is visible to the public. Skin yeast infections can be quite embarrassing, that’s why many sufferers will never get treated properly.

Some skin yeast infections are caused by the overgrowth of a fungus called Candida albicans. This is a fungus that lives naturally in your body. However, the fungus can sometimes be caused to mutate and multiply unchecked for a number of different reasons. This is what leads to a skin infection.

There are some types of skin infections which are more common than others, one of the most common being perleche. This is also referred to as angular cheilitis. It’s a condition where the skin around the mouth becomes infected causing it to become softer and develop deep creases.

Another type of common skin infection is called intertrigo. In this condition, the folds in the skin become irritated, particularly under the arms or in the groin area which is generally moist and warm. Wearing tight clothing or hot weather are the perfect conditions for the yeast to multiply allowing the infection to take hold.

A third type of potential skin infection is commonly known as diaper rash. This condition generally affects infants and toddlers. Diapers cause moist and warm conditions to be created, therefore giving the fungus the perfect conditions to grow in large quantities. It is extremely important if you have a child in diapers to watch for this condition as it is a very common. If the diaper rash is left untreated, the affected area can progress to macules and papules (skin lesions). In some cases, when antibiotics have been used, a diaper rash can become infected with Candida ablicans. Diaper rash should be treated quickly as it creates pain and discomfort.

As with any other type of infections, there are a number of things which are known to cause skin yeast infections. Some of the most common include the use of antibiotics, stress, weak immune systems and hot weather, tight clothing, and being overweight. Another common cause of skin irritations is from certain soaps or body washes. Though daily cleansing is important, try using gentle soaps and body washes if you are susceptible to skin yeast infections.

If you find that you experiencing symptoms of a skin yeast infection, make sure to wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing in order to allow air to reach the skin and reduce the moisture and warmth of the affected area. Cleanse the area gently, but regularly and see your healthcare professional if symptoms don’t clear up or become worse.