Carpal Tunnel Splints and Braces

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Here is the Gear You Need to Keep Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Check
Without a shadow of a doubt, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) can wreak havoc on your hand, wrist and forearm, impacting your quality of life. The good news is that you can keep your CTS in check by using carpal tunnel night splints, wrist supports, and hand braces.

carpal tunnel braces

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can cause pain or muscle weakness that prevents you from doing important tasks at work and home. Not only that, CT can also affect your hobbies and every day activities like driving. Eventually, this may lead to depression or low self-esteem. You don’t want that right? Of course, you don’t.

The good news is that, with the right treatment, you can reduce your CT symptoms and live a normal life.  The right treatment that we’re referring to is the use of carpal tunnel night splints, wrist supports, and hand braces. Following are how night splints, wrist supports, and hand braces can help keep your CTS in check.

Night Splints for CTS

When your symptoms start to disturb your sleep, the first active CTS treatment that you will need is a removable night splint. Following is how night splints can bring your relief:

  • Relieving tingling or burning in part, or all of the hand
  • Alleviating pain in the fingers
  • Eliminating numbness in hand
  • Helping overcome weakness of some muscles in the fingers and/or thumb
  • Relieving mild and moderate nerve compression symptoms caused at the wrist during night
  • CTS symptoms are worse at night because your hand is more likely to bend while you’re sleeping. The splint prevents this from happening.

Here are some considerations for using night splints:

  • Make sure the night splint you buy has a removable metal plate running through it that can be straightened to support the wrist in a straight position.
  • Try the splints for three months before seeking an alternative treatment for your problems
  • Use other treatment for constant altered sensation or severe symptoms of weakness

Wrist Supports for CTS

Want to minimize pain caused by your CTS? Then maintain proper wrist and arm alignment. You can do so by using wrists supports Following is how wrist supports alleviate CTS pain:

  • They stabilize your wrist to ensure that your activities do not put stress on the painful area
  • They ensure your form is correct to decrease pain and increase your comfort
  • Most wrist supports allow you to move your fingers freely, which means your workplace productivity won’t be affected. You will be able to type and write as you normally would

Hand Braces for CTS

A hand brace is another solution that may assist when you have CTS. Following is how hand braces bring relief:

  • They keep your hand in place to prevent further aggravation of your carpal tunnel
  • They provide the necessary compression to bring the inflammation down
  • Stabilize and provide a custom fit

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, then using carpal tunnel night splints, wrist supports, and/or hand braces is an excellent way for pain relief and increased support.

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