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A Helpful Guide to Cellulite

Cellulite Treatments
What Is Cellulite?
While it may sound like a serious condition that needs medical intervention to treat, let us understand cellulite is simply fat beneath the surface of the skin. There is nothing special about it, and you can get rid of it like any other type of fat in your body. It has a lumpy look to it, but this is only because the fat is pushing against the connective tissue. This can cause the skin above the fat to push upwards and take on that characteristic dimpled, cottage cheese appearance. You may need an anti cellulite treatment.
It’s seen as undesirable, but you don’t have to worry about it being harmful. The most problematic issue with cellulite is that it makes you look less than your best in a swimsuit. It affects people of any size — thin or obese — fairly and equally. Most people want to get rid of it because of the way it looks, but it’s not considered a condition that necessitates medical intervention. It’s important to realize that having cellulite is not necessarily due to your diet or exercise regimen.

There are several things you can do to reduce cellulite but they take some time. Don’t expect overnight results, and you’ll be able to combat your cellulite in a healthy way that doesn’t cause lasting harm to your body.
Affected Body Parts
Cellulite can appear in virtually any area of the body where there is fat. However, it’s most commonly found in the thighs and buttocks. Sometimes, you’ll also find it underneath the arms. Most commonly, it begins to occur after puberty.
Causes of Cellulite
cellulite-587633_w650It’s crucial to understand that while being overweight can cause cellulite, it’s not necessarily the reason you have it. Thin people can get cellulite just as easily. Losing weight can help reduce cellulite if you have it, but it’s not the only cause.
Females are at higher risk of getting cellulite. There may also be genetic components. Women who have cellulite also tend to have siblings and parents who also have it.
Though poor diet is not the cause of cellulite, it may be a contributing factor. If you’re not getting the proper nutrients, you may be at greater risk of getting cellulite. It’s important to have a healthy, well-rounded diet. There are many nutrients the body needs on a daily basis to repair itself. When you go on fad diets or extreme fasts to lose weight the issue of cellulite can become more pronounced.
A slow metabolism can also cause cellulite. Spicy foods have been shown to help increase your metabolism. Additionally, if you’re not taking in enough calories for your body, you may actually put on weight. It seems counter-intuitive, and we have all been trained to believe that cutting calories will result in weight loss. However, an important caveat is that if you’re not getting enough calories, your metabolism will slow down and cause you to start to put on weight. This is why many basal metabolic rate calculators ask for your age since the metabolism naturally slows as you grow older.

Physical activity is also important to maintaining low levels of cellulite. When you exercise, you’re helping your body out by toning and increasing your muscle mass. Increased muscle mass means you’ll burn more calories naturally throughout the day. It can also help strengthen your tendons and ligaments. This results in a decreased amount of cellulite.
Hormone changes and the thickness and color of your skin may have an effect on your levels of cellulite. Hormones can wreak havoc on your body, and it’s the reason that women tend to have more issues with cellulite as their hormone levels can fluctuate more rapidly. Skin color and thickness can also have an effect — at least visually. Darker skin tends to hide cellulite better. Thicker skin also makes it less pronounced.
Finally, if you’re dehydrated, this can increase the levels of cellulite. Your body needs water for virtually everything it does. When you don’t get the right amount of water, you’ll end up putting on more cellulite. Simply drinking enough water can help to reduce your chances of putting on cellulite, and it can also help you feel full at the end of the day. Often, when our body feels empty we try to fill it with food when what it really needs is water.
Looking for the Best Cellulite Treatment?
9733567_GThere are several treatment options available on the market to take care of cellulite. However, many of these treatment options have not proven to be effective. Despite the numerous commercial products that purport to get rid of cellulite, there are very few that actually work. Some products might provide temporary results, but the results rarely last. Learning about the best cellulite treatment options can help you to become a more savvy consumer and avoid many of the scams that exist.
Anti-Cellulite Creams
anticellulite_creamCreams claim that they can be used to dissolve the fat and smooth out the skin which supposedly reduces the look of cellulite. Despite the fact that many of these creams contain pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, there is no real evidence to support that these creams actually work. In fact, some of the creams can even cause more harm than good.
In the instances where they do work, it seems that the creams work to narrow the blood vessels. This process forces water from the skin, and it could be a serious issue for people who have circulatory issues to begin with. Some of the ingredients used in the cream can also cause breakouts, and may cause allergic reactions.
Cellulite Exercises
d158224e8659e1adcd89cb869c8a9d13Exercise is one of the few treatment options that really works. Exercise helps to tone the muscles, reduce body fat and improve the overall look of the skin. While exercise works best for people who are already overweight, it can also be useful for people who are thin. A person who is too thin may not have proper muscle mass. By introducing moderate exercise, it is possible to reduce the amount of cellulite and maintain a healthy look.
Start within your limits and gradually increase your level of exercise. Begin by walking if that’s all you can handle. Just make sure you’re getting about 30 minutes of exercise per day to help ward off and reduce cellulite. Exercise helps keep your body in good working order, and it can also help to improve your mood and overall sense of self.
Cellulite Home Remedies
The concept that cellulite is caused by toxins in the body has no real basis in science. The body has been shown to be remarkably good at removing toxins on its own. When people go on detox diets, they tend to suffer from nutritional deficiencies. While the body can exist with less nutrition, it’s not optimal for the best health.
There are lots of gimmicks out there. Drinking apple cider vinegar can help people who are overweight to reduce their weight. However, there is no evidence that applying it in a mixture to the outside of your body will help. The same goes for ginkgo biloba. There may be studies that show it can improve circulation, but this in itself won’t get rid of cellulite.
The best way to ensure that you’re doing your body a favor is to get a mix of foods in your diet. Make sure to get foods from every color of the rainbow, and avoid sticking to just one or two of your favorite foods. The best home remedy that exists for getting rid of cellulite is the simple act of eating well. When you eat well, the body is able to perform at its best and you’ll enjoy a healthier body.
green-tea-in-a-cupDrinking more green tea, getting the right nutrients and drinking more water are all methods that can help give you more energy. This can result in a decrease of cellulite, but it won’t happen overnight.
Make sure your diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber, and get the right amount of protein for your body weight. The amount of protein a human needs to maintain a healthy body weight is based on the overall weight and not the age of the person.
Keep your protein intake between 0.66 and 0.80 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. For the average 150-pound man or woman, that’s about 54 grams of protein. A 7-ounce steak is enough to fulfill that requirement, but try to find options that are lower in saturated fat. For example, a chicken breast and a glass of milk would get you very close to your target protein goals.
Anti Cellulite Treatment, A Laser
claserLaser treatment is an effective Anti Cellulite Treatment. The FDA has approved the use of a device that uses laser energy to treat cellulite. The device works by melting fat underneath the skin. This can help to break up the bands of cellulite that have formed and it can stimulate the production of collagen. High levels of collagen can help keep your skin looking young and smooth.
The procedure is a safe cellulite remedy, but finding a doctor that specializes in the treatment may be difficult. As the treatment becomes more popular, it will become a more useful method of treating cellulite. However, once the cellulite has been removed, it’s up to the patient to continue maintaining an optimal level of health. In this way, it’s possible to avoid putting the cellulite back on.
Cellulite Massage
While these treatment methods may make you feel better after the treatment, they haven’t been shown to definitely treat cellulite. Most of the improved appearance from a massage is temporary. A massage can reduce the dimpling appearance on the skin, but ultimately these results are going to be short-lived.
There is no indication that any type of massage or spa treatment is an effective cellulite buttocks treatment. These treatments appear to work only because they remove excess fluid, and this can have a temporary effect on the look of the skin.
Ultrasound Treatments
8c7846_29dc44b631374bf08da9ba04be3e0db0Ultrasound machines direct high energy waves to the body. These waves hit the body and then create micro bubbles. The bubbles work their magic and implode fat cells. There has been some research to suggest that this treatment works to improve the look of cellulite, and it does help to reduce the overall levels of cellulite. Of course, like any method that promises to reduce cellulite quickly, it won’t provide a long-term effect if lifestyle changes aren’t also made.
Results show that the treatment decreased skin density. The thickness of the skin was also reduced, but there were no negative side effects reported. The treatment is extensive, and it takes several weeks to provide the desired results.
endermologie,38003_m_nThis was the first medical treatment that was approved by the FDA for the reduction of cellulite. It has been in use for decades. The technique requires the use of a mechanized device with rollers that create regulated suction. It produces a symmetrical skin-fold and allows for deep tissue mobilization. This can result in an improvement in the reduction of cellulite.
Unproven, Groundless Methods
There are several other methods that purport to remove cellulite on the skin. However, none of these have been proven to work. In fact, there is no proof that the following remedies for cellulite have any effect:

  • Pneumatic Massage: This involves placing a device on your body that supposedly improves circulation. The equipment places a certain amount of pressure on your body.
  • Lymphatic Flow Massage: The idea behind this massage is that by draining the lymph nodes, you can remove toxins from your system.
  • Heat Therapy: Proponents of this treatment state that the heat helps to reduce cellulite by melting it away. This is a known treatment option, but it requires a laser to perform. Simple heat only removes water from the body, which gives a temporary improvement in appearance.
  • Radio Frequency Therapy: This technology is another form of heat therapy. It uses deep and controlled heating of the fatty layers underneath the skin. This can result in the tightening of tissues and increase of blood circulation. It reduces the appearance of cellulite, but more studies are required to know its ultimate effectiveness.
  • Magnetic Therapy: This is a pseudoscience that purports to relieve a wide range of medical conditions. There is no evidence it has any effect on the reduction of cellulite.
  • Radial Waves Therapy: Radial waves therapy can reduce pain, but it doesn’t appear to have any effect on the reduction of cellulite. It is believed that shockwaves can help to break up cellulite, but this has not been proven in any research study.
  • Electrical Stimulation: The idea is that electrical stimulation of cellulite can zap the cellulite away. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that this type of stimulation can remove cellulite from the body. It only results in a temporary tightening of the skin.

Getting Rid of Cellulite Fast
There are no fast methods for getting rid of cellulite. The good news, however, is that there are techniques and methods that do work. The bad news is that they take some time to complete. Laser therapies have shown to be promising, and exercise can have an effect over a longer period of time.
Surgeries can help get rid of cellulite overnight, but you’ll have some recovery time. If you don’t keep a healthy lifestyle after the surgery, the cellulite will eventually come back. The best way to reduce your levels of cellulite is to adopt a healthy and balanced attitude towards your life. Don’t buy into the gimmicks, and conduct the research necessary for any clinic or center that claims to have the answer to your cellulite woes.

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