"How to Get Rid of Love Handles?"

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Love Handles, The Extra Accessories We Don’t Want

Summer Is Coming, Look Your Best
Zones of stubborn fat, Muffin Top or love handles, are not an indicator of a serious health problem, but they can make you look a bit frumpy. Here is how to get rid of love handles, to tighten up, also to look and feel your best this summer.
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What are love handles? What causes them? Can I get rid of them? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions lately, then you’ve come to the right place. HealthFaire will provide you with all the information you need on love handles including why we get them, why they are a source of embarrassment, and what you can do to get rid of them. So, let’s get started.

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Why Do We Get Love Handles?

Sections of extra fat around your waistline, love handles, can be unflattering for either sex. In addition to making you look bad, the excess flab at the sides of your waistline increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some cancers.

So, it’s clear that your love handles are a problem—a problem that you need to overcome—but what is it that causes them in the first place? This information is useful for those who don’t have any visible love handles yet and want things to stay that way.

Most men and women get love handles for the same reasons—a lack of proper exercise and a clean diet. If you’re mostly inactive during the week and eat too many fried foods, then you are likely to develop love handles soon if you don’t have them already.

Fried foods and a lack of exercise are not the only culprits here. High levels of stress, consuming too many sugary foods, and not getting enough sleep can also increase your risk of developing love handles. Your body needs to be balanced and all of the above can put it out of balance, which often leads to unsightly bulges.

While the general causes of love handles are same for men and women, how each gender develops love handles differs, and understanding this is important in your efforts to reduce or get rid of love handles.

Love Handles on Men

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Want to get love handles fast? Then start drinking beer, and lots of it. This is more of a warning than advice, so avoid following it. There are hidden calories and carbs in beers and alcohol, so moderate exercise won’t be enough for you to keep the love handles away if you overindulge in alcohol and beer consumption.

Just like excessive drinking, excessive smoking is bad for you. Not just because it can give you heart disease or lung cancer, but also because it can cause love handles to grow in your midsection. So, put down that cigarette. It’s hurting both your health and your looks.
Another cause of love handles in men is low testosterone, which is, of course, not your fault, but it is reason for love handles nonetheless.

If you’re feeling sluggish, losing muscle tone, and gaining weight, it might be time to have your testosterone levels checked by your physician to see if that is a factor.

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Since love handles are typically attributed to women, the presence of this fatty buildup in men may indicate a more serious complication. So, if you’re a man and have love handles, then you may want to visit your doctor for a quick check-up.

Love Handles on Women

Love handles are normal on women since they typically store fat in their abdominal area. However, multiple factors can cause the development of love handles in women at various points in their life. One of the biggest causes of love handles in women is pregnancy, especially if you’ve relaxed your dietary restrictions during this period.
love handles for women
Getting back to pre-pregnancy shape after the childbirth is a struggle for most women. Genetics also plays a role as women with an apple or pear body type are more likely to accumulate fat around their waistline and hip area. On the other hand, women with a rectangular shape or hourglass body type rarely develop love handles. The risk of developing love handles increases with age as the metabolism of women drastically declines as they get older.
The good news is that all the risk factors can be controlled with proper diet and exercise. Also, read on for a few other ways to keep love handles in check or at bay.

Why Are Love Handles Embarrassing?

You’d think that having such an affectionate name, love handles would be something to prize. Well, you are wrong. Present in the abdominal area of the body, love handles can make you self-conscious and cause you to shy away from the opposite gender or even people of the same sex. You may even lose your urge to be affectionate with your partner, since you may fear being judged by your other half.

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Let’s be honest. Love handles can be plain embarrassing. You don’t want anyone seeing them and you may limit your time outdoors to ensure that. You may skip social gatherings, use various means to hide your love handles, or get flustered when someone mentions the extra flab at your sides. In short, love handles can prevent you from being confident about your body and yourself.

Other than their cute name, there isn’t much to love about love handles. They make you look unattractive and increase your risk for many health complications. You are right to want to rid yourself of your love handles, for both health and appearance reasons. You may spend a moment or two thinking about how you got the love handles, but you could spend a lifetime pondering ways to get rid of them.

So, have you been thinking about how to get rid of love handles? If yes, then hiding them may have crossed your mind. So, is it possible to hide love handles? Let’s find out.

Can I Hide Love Handles?

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An intense workout isn’t the only way you can banish your love handles. You can hide them as well. How? What do I need to do? You’re probably thinking all these things right now, so without wasting any time, we will provide you with what you seek ( i.e. ways to hide your love handles).

Go for a High-Waist Style

If you listen to the fashion experts, then you’d know that going for a high-waist style will help you to hide any excess fat in the abdominal area. You can also opt for mid-rise styles but make sure the waistline isn’t too low or your curves will look unflattering to others.

Wear the Right Size of Jeans

This is something you should do anyways. Even if you don’t have any excess weight around the waistline or hip, wearing jeans that are too tight will make you look ‘fat’. Similarly, wearing baggy-style jeans or jeans that are too big for your body will rest slightly below your waist, revealing your love handles. It’s simple: go for jeans that are the perfect size and will cover your waist properly.

Limit Your Intake of Carbohydrates

After you have a large meal with high-carb content, your belly area including your love handles inflate. So, if you want to make your love handles less visible, then replace the heavy carb-based meals you have each day with four to six light snacks that are high in proteins and good fats. This will help to keep your love handles in check, and if you supplement this diet with exercise, then it’ll help you to get rid of the love handles fast.

Go for Loose Fabrics

While you need to find jeans that are your size, you are best advised to choose loose fabrics for vests, sweaters and tops. Stretch fabrics will not cling to your body and will help you to hide your love handles, which is what you want.

Play Around with Colors

A good way to hide your love handles and get the perfect fit is playing around with colors. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your figure, then try dark colors on the areas you don’t feel confident about and pair this with bright colors on areas you’re comfortable with. This will take attention away from your areas where you have excess fat, highlighting your ‘good areas’ instead.

So, you know how to hide your love handles, but how do you get rid of them? In the next section, we discuss how to get rid of love handles with simple home remedies.

What Are Some Simple Home Remedies for Love Handles

Since love handles are made up of basic body fat, you can get rid of them with some simple home remedies. Practical ways to burn belly fat, these simple home remedies will help you to get rid of love handles fast. Following are the things to do at home to get rid of love handles.

Get Enough Sleep

The more tired you are, the more likely you are to consume sugary snacks and extra calories that keep you going. Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each day if you want to reduce your love handles.

Eat Clean and Fill Up on Healthy Fats

We said this before and we’ll say it again: you need to have a clean diet to have any chance of getting rid of your love handles. Eat a nutritious diet high in protein with very few carbs. Also, fill up on healthy fats such as fatty fish, seeds, nuts, olive oil, and avocados as this can help you to slim your waistline. By making you feel full, healthy fats cause you to consume fewer calories throughout the day, which helps to get rid of love handles.

Ditch Added Sugar

One of the best ways to clean up your diet and aid fat loss is completely ditching added sugar. Found in foods such as sodas, sports drinks, candies, and cookies, added sugar is not the healthy sugar you find in healthy foods like whole fruit, so avoiding it is a must. If you consume too much-added sugar, then you are likely to develop excess body fat, particularly in the belly area. And, this increases your risk for type 2 diabetes. So, there are more reasons to ditch added sugar than just getting rid of your love handles.

Manage Your Stress

According to research, stress can cause abdominal fat in an otherwise healthy person. Even if you exercise and eat well, you can develop love handles if you’re always stressed out. So, if you want to get rid of love handles or keep them away, start managing your stress. You can do this through meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques that help lower stress levels.

Get Active

This is probably the best advice HealthFaire can offer to help you rid yourself of love handles: get active. A sedentary lifestyle is the biggest contributing factor to belly fat, which includes your love handles. If you’re mostly inactive during the week and do not exercise, then sooner or later, you will get excess fat around your waistline and hip area. But, this works in your favor. By making a simple lifestyle change and becoming more active, you can cut the fat in the abdominal area and lose your love handles. It’s as simple as that.
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Get Ready for the Summer by Losing Your Love Handles

Summer is the most awaited time of the year, particularly for those with that ‘perfect’ body. You don’t want to head to the beach on a bright, sunny day with excess fat hanging around your belly area or popping right out of your swimsuit. The good news is that you can get rid of the excess fat, including your love handles, by following our tips and a few other guidelines to get rid of love handles that HealthFaire provides you.

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